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Marla has been such a big inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others. Training with her has given me motivation to feel good and look good! She is not only my trainer but a great friend. She keeps it very professional but is also there to chat if I’m not feeling my best. Training online isn’t always the easiest but she has always made sure my form and my understanding is 100%. She also is great at explaining to me things I did not know about nutrition. And what supplements are good and which ones to stay away from. With that being sad if you’ve ever wanted to start a fitness journey now is the time! You will not regret working with Marla! -Edith


One of my biggest accomplishments of 2020 was not losing control of my overall health and weight. Marla helped jumpstart my at home exercise routine. I was so close to falling all the way off track. Training virtually has made it super easy and she’s a great teacher and workout buddy. Just after a few sessions I felt more educated and confident to work out at home.  Its 2021 and I continue to exercise at home and she helps me stay accountable and on track. -Nicole




Having worked in the cosmetology industry for a decade, I thought i wouldn’t be able to strength train from my injuries. Marla not only helped me to see it was possible, but also gave me the motivation I needed to get my head out of my ass and start loving my body & treating it the way it deserves to be treated!

- Jess D.

 I’m so happy I found Marla as my personal trainer. I’ve been working out with her 3 days a week for 3 months and so happy with my results. I always look forward to working out with her. She really pushes me and helps me believe in myself and has the best energy. Now I feel confident on the days I don’t workout with her that I have the right form. Grateful to know such an amazing soul that has changed my life. We have become great friends and I look forward to continue working out with her. Invest in your health and get Marla as your trainer. -Anneke 



Marla’s passion for her work is immediate in the moment you get on the call with her. She is genuine and supportive from the get go! 


Marla provides help through every moment and encourages you throughout the entire time she works with you.


I would’ve normally dreaded the idea of a 60 minute work out but I actually enjoy them because we have such amazing things to talk about I feel uplifted and supported I feel the work outs are actually benefiting my body now I’m doing forms correctly I’m doing things I never thought possible of my body.


Marla also works with what you have I don’t need massive machines I just need someone who makes it possible with what I have and she does it ! She always has a way to do something with what I have and can !


I’m really happy I found her as she has uplifted me and allowed me to reach goals and further myself not just in physical but also mental wellness



I've known Marla for 5 years and from day 1 I felt her energy  She has the most beautiful heart and soul than anyone I know! She's the most honest person I know and she will tell you how great you are but won't hesitate to call you out while encouraging you. Never out to embarrass you but here to help you be the best version of yourself! Her mental and physique strengths are out of the ordinary and that's why you should hire her to be your coach. She will teach you that fitness is not all about the reflection in the mirror as much as it is the self reflection within. She went through hell and back and pushes through life like a Warrior with no excuses  Mental, physical, and spiritual connection is so important! This woman self taught herself at the gym, lost +70 lbs, stayed her business during a pandemic, gained so much self estime and inner peace  She's more than your average coach, she's a badass bitch who will bring you all the way up to enlightening, self love, and exceed your fitness goals! She will care about your results more than you at times because that's who she is. Life is too short to sit there and let it pass by, so get up, get moving, and don't be dumb call Marla ️‍♀️ #ifyouhateitrecreateit #marladontplay #mybestfriendbutI'llshareher

-Sarah O.

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