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My Story


As I progressed and wanted to get more serious about meeting my goals, I started to learn more about strength training, using the big basic movement patterns, and focused on using proper form. Little by little my strength increased. At the same time, I started to research proper nutrition. Finding the optimal calories to meet my goals and tracking my food, aiming to meet my macronutrient targets daily. After those were in order, I started the daily practice of meditation to help myself mentally and be better able to focus on my goals. With consistency I started to see changes and was on my way.

As strength training and meditation both changed me physically and mentally, I became very passionate about helping others reach their health and physique goals. I was then on my way by certifying as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I worked at the local YMCA where I had the opportunity to work with clients of all ages, genders, and health conditions. My current clients see amazing results in a short amount of time by following my guidance.

My mission is to fast track people to meet their goals because I've made all of the mistakes along the way, from poor nutrition to only doing cardio. My training style is great for people of all ages as I have a knack for connecting with clients and teaching them how to perform strength movements without risk of injury. My personal fitness missteps in addition to my growing experience are a valuable asset that I happily pay forward to my clients. I will match any clients' own drive to meet their goals!

Reach out today! I am available for personal training, individual consultation, and exercise form coaching. I promise that you will not regret it! Forewarning, though, marladontplay!

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