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When I was at my heaviest weight I never even thought it was possible to have the body I dreamed of and FEEL THIS CONFIDENT IN IT.  REMEMBER, IF YOU HATE IT, RECREATE IT. YOU CAN HAVE THAT FEELING TOO - YOU DESERVE IT!

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My mission is to fast track people to meet their goals because I've made all of the mistakes along the way, from poor nutrition to only doing cardio. My training style is great for people of all ages as I have a knack for connecting with clients and teaching them how to perform strength movements without risk of injury. My personal fitness missteps in addition to my growing experience are a valuable asset that I happily pay forward to my clients. I will match any clients' own drive to meet their goals!


About Us

My Story

I grew up in San Diego, CA. My fitness journey began as most do with the goal of making physical changes. At the time, I primarily thought that cardio and higher repetition movements alone would help me meet my fitness goals. When I did strength train, I would not exercise with any intention at all and was essentially just going through the motions, not focusing on the basic movement patterns or progressing.

My diet was also a huge problem as I had food issues. Since I was young, I did not like to eat vegetables, was a very picky eater, and had no concept of proper nutrition. A typical meal would consist of a grilled cheese or quesadilla with French fries and lots of mayonnaise. These only fed into my negative body issues. I would always try to hide my weight with layers or baggy clothing.





 I had been following Marla for about 2 years on Instagram. Someone had tagged me in one of her pictures and said we looked alike! I though her makeup was always perfect and she was just stunning! When she started posting pictures of her weight loss, I was blown away. She looked amazing and it was all because of her hard work! In 2020 she posted that she was going to start personal training. I watched her stories and loved seeing pictures of her clients, as well as her transforming! 


Well, we all know how 2020 went...I was home from work and was gaining weight. I always said if i got to 240 that would be my breaking point. When i saw 250 on the scale, I knew I had to do something. I had done another online program the year before and didnt have much success...It was discouraging. A lot of times they show smaller type girls, and of course their progress is amazing, but what about a bigger girl like me?


I reached out to Marla, and we spoke on the phone and I instantly felt comfortable with her. She listened to me, my goals, and my struggles and let me know she was there to support me. We talked about nutrition. She explained to me how this is important when working out. I loved that she has made me understand that I don't need to 'diet' and only eat certain things to be healthy. I have a better understanding and relationship with food and how my body uses it. We started working out 3 days later! I was a little nervous, since I was pretty new to all this. She took the time to make sure my form was safe, that I felt what muscles I was working and everything felt good. No one has shown me those things before, and she took the time to do that for me! It's been 9 months since, and I can't even begin to describe how I feel! I never would have thought Id be getting up at 4amto workout. I have a full time job, and do hair on my days off from the other job. I make sure to make this a priority for me, and my health!


I feel INCREDIBLE after my workout with her, and it starts my day off right. Marla is increcibly gifted and has a beautiful soul. She has supported me through some of the toughest moments and struggles. She's never judged, she has always supported me. Im forever grateful for her, her friendship, and seeing something in me I hadn't seen before, and continuing to push me for more. It's not always easy, change doesn't happen over night, but Im proud of how far I've come, and that Marla is by my side.

-Maria L.



5 weeks ago I hired the best trainer. Marla is not just my trainer, she's my cheerleader and has become my good friend in the last 5 weeks! She encourages me to do everything with intention, supports me and believes in me. She has educated me on good and bad foods, tracking my meals, how the body and muscle works, anything I need or have a questions about, she is always there for me! I can't stress how amazing, helpful and crucial she has been throughout these 5 weeks. Marla's story and progress alone was my deciding factor in hiring her. She hasn't had it easy and she worked really hard at it.

Since hiring Marla I have learned so much, here are a few:


1. Your mindset is everything

2. Believe in yourself

3. You can do anything you set your mind to

4. Don't be ashamed of yourself

5. Love your body

-Katie O.




I am so grateful to have Marla in my life! She has taught me so much and has helped me find my inner strength and power when I didn’t know I had any. I tell her all the time that I channel her energy in situations where I need her badassery! She has always empowered me to be my best, taught me how to move forward despite fears and CRUSH my goals. I love that girl sooo much! If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start on bettering your life, hire the woman immediately! Let her empower you and it’ll change your life forever just like it has changed mine.

-Laura D.



 I am available for personal training, individual consultation, and exercise form coaching. I promise that you will not regret it!

Forewarning, though, Marla dont play!

I can't wait to work with you!

Thanks for reaching out!

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